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An ADHD Entrepreneur and you have been dreaming about what it would be like to feel calm and organized in your business?


Do you imagine what it would be like to have peace of mind knowing that you can show up, attract your dream clients and handle your work load with ease? 


Do you imagine being able to operate in your business with consistency and clarity. So that, you knew exactly ideas to take action on next. And, you knew how to follow through?


Do you CRAVE to be able to create more expansion in the world for others?


Do you dream of having a business that creates an abundance of wealth so you can live the life you have been dreaming of?

Except, you may be thinking – “AnnMarie, this sounds great but it doesn’t seem possible for me because of my ADHD”


And I get it. I’ve been there. Where you feel like your ADHD is preventing you from being successful in business.


And quite simply, you feel like you are made-for-more if you could only get a handle on your monkey mind. 

This is what I call the Made-for-More Entrepreneur. 

Let me ask you, which of these apply to you:


  • Deep down you know you have so much potential – but you can’t seem get a handle on your ADHD to run your business like a Powerful CEO. 
  • You find yourself looking at other people wondering, how they make running a business with ADHD so easy 
  • You feel easily distracted, inconsistent and you feel like you are battling your brain to get your to do list done. 
  • You are drowning in overwhelm and procrastination about where to start.
  • You are worried that you are wearing too many hats and you can’t handle your work load
  • Behind the scenes you feel scattered and wonder what’s the catch because you know you can’t continue living like this because you are exhausted.
If you said yes to one or more of these, chances are you are the Made-For-More Entrepreneur.

And, having unmanaged ADHD and running a business can be really overwhelming, right?!


And, if you are like most ADHD Entrepreneurs I work with, you got into business to have freedom -  financial freedom, time freedom. And, to create impact and to build the business of your dreams.


…. Not to spend all day battling your brain to get your to-do list done.


And, if you are spinning your wheels caught in frustration, distraction, overwhelm and feeling powerless – while you are wondering when it will be easy - you are working backward.


I have been where you are – and I know that what it feels like to show up but you aren’t getting any real traction.

And, you may find yourself feeling defeated – because you got into business to bring your dreams to life. But, you still find yourself unable to achieve the growth and impact you want. 

Showing up in your business as the Made-For-More Entrepreneur, day in and day out spinning your wheels, is like you having a winning lottery ticket

But, you refuse to cash it in.

Each day, you keep that ticket in your pocket it starts to diminish


And, to be honest – you should be a little concerned that soon, the ticket will be too worn out and there will be nothing left to cash in!

I want in!

If you are stuck spinning your wheels in business and you find yourself feeling like a Made-for-More Entrepreneur


It’s time to start looking within yourself to create the change.

I mean…. 

Has your current strategy been working so far?... the fact that you are still here reading this, tells me that the answer is most likely “no”.

If everything is going GREAT in your business – then you can stop reading here because this isn’t for you if everything is going well.


Here’s the deal, staying consistent and being successful in your business with ADHD doesn’t need to be an uphill battle. 


Sometimes it is as simple as taking the time to really understand yourself and what works best for YOU and learning tangible tools to manage your ADHD with ease.


When you learn how to manage your mind, it becomes easier to show up in your business so you are not consistently in a fight with your brain. 


So, you can implement business strategies and actually focus on growing your business. 


Here is the difference between the Made-For-More Entrepreneur and a Powerful CEO

Made-For-More Entrepreneurs are stuck in potential. The know they are simply, made for so much more then where they are right now. 


Here are a few things that Made-For-More Entrepreneurs experience…


X      They are waiting and wishing for things to be different

X They feel like their ADHD for preventing them from being successful 

X They are not putting themselves out there because they feel unsure about the value they provide 

X They aren’t taking action because they don’t know where to start

X They struggle to grow their business and you feel frustrated and deflated at the thought of it

X They can’t organize their ideas and struggle to follow through. 

X They waste time trying to battle with their brain to “do the thing”

X They aren’t seeing results from the business strategies they are using

X They aren’t confident in their offer or they are struggling to attract their idea clients 

X They have a fear of sales and they are unable to close clients

When you become the Powerful CEO you will realize you are no longer caught in potential waiting and wishing for things to be different. Soon you’ll discover that…


  • You will have the skills to build your dream business
  • You will be able to navigate your ADHD so you can leverage your brain to get results in your business
  • You will reach a level of consistency so you can generate more income for your business
  • You will begin to create more expansion for your clients with your products and services
  • You will know how to grow your business with ease and what strategies to use
  • You will know how to ditch your racing thoughts
  • You will know which ideas to take action on and how to follow through
  • You will become a sales ninjas so you can have a successful business $$$,$$$ +++
  • You will learn how to close sales like a NINJA
  • You will discover how to sell soulfully without feeling like a cheesy salesperson

Being a Powerful CEO is someone who can use their ADHD as their best asset and not only do they show up better for their business – but they become a more powerful leader.

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What would be possible for you if you had the right brain-based strategies to manage your ADHD to create the business you dream about? 


What would that mean for you if you could start to look after the people you love and care about? 


What would it mean if you could provide the life for your family that you have always wanted to provide? 


Imagine what would be possible if you could show up in your business and create results without your ADHD getting in the way?

Imagine how amazing your life would be if you could generate more income without having to fight your brain all day? 


Imagine what would be possible for you if you felt like you had clarity and you didn’t have SOOOOO many racing thoughts all day?


Imagine you already had the things you are dreaming of in your business – what would be possible for you?


What would be possible for you if for 13 weeks, you fully committed to yourself, your ADHD and your business to learn the skills you needed to manage your brain and your business – how far ahead would your business be?

Now – where are you going to be in 12 months' time if nothing changes? 

That lottery ticket that you have in your pocket – the numbers are going to start to fade – and soon you won’t be able to cash it in at all….

If you are like most clients I work with, you have HUGE dreams and you know that you have the creativity to bring the vision to life….

You just need to move out of your own way to allow it to happen.


The number 1 mistake I see ADHD Entrepreneurs make – is that they want to be able to run their businesses with ease but they focus on implementing new business strategies first. 


And, that is like building a house on a foundation of sand.


If you are executing strategies and they are getting you results that are “ok – but could be better” or “things just don’t seem to click”…


You are building your house the wrong way. 

If you are building your business on a foundation of sand, you are going to have to keep spending time, money and resources on repairing the structure.

Soon, the house you have built will start to become unbalanced and unstable. 


As you add more furniture and people into the house – things start to become unstable.


And, after a short period of time, you should be concerned your house might collapse!

The reality of the problem is this – you can’t keep spending money on new strategies that just aren’t getting results. 

And, you can’t create a long-term sustainable team to help you run your business if you can’t manage yourself and your ADHD.

After 21 years of learning to manage my own ADHD and successfully running my own business, I know this…


ADHD Entrepreneurs who are running businesses and ignoring their unmanaged ADHD are dangerous to their businesses, clients, and professional/personal relationships. 


You run the risk of collapsing your business. 


You run the risk of pushing away amazing employees because they have to accommodate with your scattered energy, if you can’t take the right action that is required on your end because of your scattered mind… 


Not only is your business on the line, but your reputation is on the line….

You got into business to create expansion in your life, right?


And, because you are running a business you are a leader, right? 


 And, if you want to be an effective leader how can you expect people to show up as productive, happy, healthy team members if you are leading by example…


But the example and standard you are living by is that “it is ok to show up to your business as scattered and overwhelmed..”

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It would be more effective to show others what is possible by first looking after yourself and learning to manage your ADHD so you can be happy and maximize your performance at work...


Wouldn’t you agree?

The reality of the situation is this – no matter what type of business you are in  you and your business are worthy of success with ease and flow. 


You are worthy of having the life and business you dream of.

Your probably wondering, “ok ya well it doesn’t feel like it – how do I make it happen?”


The answer is easy – there is a specific method that you need to have a complete transformation from being a Made-For-More Entrepreneur into being a Powerful CEO.


There is a method to fast track you to a Powerful CEO and to help you create a thriving business that is covered in 4 key themes.

What if….


What if you had a method that you could implement and follow that would actually help you REDUCE your “symptoms” of ADHD so you could run your business with flow and ease?


Imagine what it would be like if you could calm the thoughts in your mind so your mind wasn’t chaos anymore?


What would be possible for you – if anxiety and overwhelm were a thing of the past?


What would be possible for you – if you could determine what ideas to take action on and you knew how to follow through?


What would be possible for you – if you could structure and plan your year, quarter, month and week and actually follow through?

Imagine if...

… you had a step-by-step simple PROVEN method to completely transform your life, your relationship with your ADHD and completely transform you and your business...


...imagine the method was so simple and easy for your ADHD brain to follow that you could pull your business 5 – 10 years AHEAD in just 13 weeks...

The great news is that you don’t have to imagine anymore you can have all of this!


You can start using your time better to achieve the things you dream of rather than fighting your brain!


You don’t need to struggle with this anymore!

If you are someone who wants in all in life you will discover exactly how to have it when you


It is the ONLY program of it’s kind globally in for ADHD Entrepreneurs (I know because I checked!)


The ABU is not like any other “Business Program” or “ADHD Coaching” you have taken before


It is a method to completely transform the way you show up in the world with your ADHD and it will help you create an irresistible OFFER for your clients. 


It will take you from a scattered, overwhelmed and frustrated Made-For-More Entrepreneur to a Powerful CEO that your business needs.

Theme 1 – ADHD Transformation


I like to explain ADHD transformation through the example of a sports car.


Many ADHD Entrepreneurs are driving this sexy sports car however, many have a lot of cinder blocks dragging from the trunk. We need to release these so you can start to drive faster, so you are no longer dragging around dead weight. 


At the end of the day – you need to cut these cinder blocks away from the car so you can go faster. 


Imagine how fast you will be able to drive without at the dead weight hanging out the back of your sports car!


  • Here you will learn how to release old stories and narratives about ADHD that are holding you back. 
    • Many Made-For-More Entrepreneurs don’t even realize how they have taken on social narratives that are preventing them from moving forward in their business.
    • You will learn to release negative thoughts and racing thoughts that are preventing you from growth orientated action. 


Moving to the next level requires that you become a self-awareness ninja who can determine what thoughts, stories and identities that are holding you back. 


Most importantly, you will learn to release yourself from the medical model which is one of the big cinder blocks - that is preventing you from driving fast. 


To become a Powerful CEO you need brain-based strategies to ditch procrastination, perfectionism, overwhelm so you that can increase your productivity.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you got to decide how ADHD shows up in your business? 


When you become a Powerful CEO, you will decide how ADHD shows up in your business. Rather than ADHD running the show – you will be in the drivers seat.


In this program, you will work from a strengths-based approach. Where you learn how to navigate your brain and your business from a place were we focus on the strengths you have and how to leverage them. 


Your not just getting the skills – but you are getting a simple, easy to follow method to take you step by step through your transformation. 

Theme 2: Sales and Marketing


Once you have released the old cinder blocks that are slowing you down, you will learn how to bring your dream business to life through high level sales and marketing. As you know, every sexy sports car needs a direction to go. 


You will learn how to position yourself in the market as the one and only who does what you do the way you do it. 


This means, you have THE one and ONLY model of your sports car. There are NO other models like it. 


What this means for you is that your competition is obsolete and people WANT your limited edition car. 


You will find yourself out on the wide-open road, in your own lane and you won’t even be able to see your competition. 


By positioning yourself as one of a kind in the market, you become the only option to your solution


When you have the marketing right and messaging right, it does the selling for you.


The next thing, is that every sexy sports car needs to know how to kick it in to drive and take the passengers on the most effective route possible. 



At the end of the day – everything comes down to communication. The better you can communicate, the easier it will be to convey your value to your ideal client.  


What this means for you, is higher closing rate and better converting content and copy writing and better results for your clients. 


In the program, you will learn to become a sales and marketing ninja so you can really start to have the confidence in your business while being able to easily produce more income!


Not only will you get the skills, you will also implementation A LOT and practice during the program.  So, you have TONS of work done with the content!


Theme 3: Connections and Networking


Now that you have the direction and you are one of a kind in the market. 


As you know, a sports car needs a high-end top of the line, high performance engine. 


You need to take the engine you have in the car and SUPER charge it. 


That happens from something called Your Money Network. You will be creating collaborations, connecting with business besties and finding mentors to connect with on a regular basis. 


The bigger your network – the more opportunity you have to make an impact in this world. 


Here, the PEOPLE you have in your network is the horse power in the engine. 


The more people you connect and collaborate with – the more support you have in your business long term and the more people you can help. 

In the program, you are going to establish a huge network to super charge your business and create the long term sustainable impact you want WHILE having way more fun along the way and building an amazing community and expanding your reach.

Theme 4: Business Operations


To be a Powerful CEO, you need to have STRONG systems in place to support the growth of your business. Both when you grow your team and grow your income


If you want to keep your sports car on the road in perfect condition for YEARS to come – you NEED to have an incredible system in place to ensure the car performs to the best of its ability while it is on the road. 


You want people to NOTICE your car and how amazing it looks and performs.


The same with your business. You want people to rave about your business and refer other people to come and work with you. 


This happens through a seamless client journey and experience. 


A Powerful CEO has impeccable systems in place to ensure their business runs efficiently and effectively. So, that when clients comes to you, they can tell your business is professional and organized. 


You will learn how to set up automations to make your business EASY to run without you having to think about it all the time. 

Most importantly, a side effect of the program is that you begin to feel like a badass so you can trust yourself to make the right decisions in your business. And, you will witness your business growth over the course of the program.

My secret sauce is the ADHD Business University!


I know it may seem like a lot but it’s not. I have curated it into a seamless and easy to follow method designed perfectly for the ADHD brain


The program is completely ADHD friendly designed for ADHD learning and success.


The proven method is designed to take you seamlessly from a Made-for-More Entrepreneur to a Powerful CEO.



How to heal yourself from the inside out value $397




In addition, you have exclusive access to the most incredible high-vibe community that you could join for 13 weeks who were just as ambitious as you and they were also learning how to master their ADHD and grow their businesses with ease.


The private membership group is high-touch accountability where you share your wins, questions and anything you need accountability for!


You are fully immersed in a community of ADHD Entrepreneurs who are thriving and crushing their businesses. 


You become part of a FAMILY.


Being part of a like-minded community will sky rocket your success and you will know you are no longer alone!


Here’s the thing….ABU is NOT for everyone.

So, this program is for you if:

  • You want it all in life and you know there is more than just financial success
  • You love to serve your clients – and you come from a place of GENUINELY loving and caring for the people you work with
  • You are seeking fulfillment and peace of mind
  • You are completely 100% ready and committed to you and your business
  • You are ready to go all out – bigger then you ever have before
  • You are FULLY committed to going all in for the entire 13 weeks
    • We help keep you on track but the commitment is 1 year – no backing out
  • You are ready to take complete responsibility for every aspect of your life, business and ADHD.
  • You are coachable and ready to absolute crush everything in the program so you can sky rocket with success.

But, this program is NOT for everyone, this is not for you if: 

  • You are not willing to put in the work to get the results.
  • If you are blaming other people and circumstances for your situation.
  • You feel like you are helpless and in victim mentality (ZERO victim mentality is tolerated).
  • No whiners and complainers

So lets recap, 


When you join ABU you will get access to all of the following content to help you transform into a Powerful CEO:

  • 13 weeks of proven and easy to follow modules 
    • ADHD transformation
    • Sales and marketing
    • Operations
    • Connections and Networking
  • 13 Live Group Coaching Sessions to answer any questions and help you apply to content to your business and life!
  • Bonus training 
  • Access to me in our exclusive member's group for coaching, support, accountability and guidance 


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